We have an exciting variety of makers coming to this year’s Faire!

Steve Wolf from the Stunt Ranch will be presenting Science in the Movies: The Secret Science behind Movie Stunts

The DoSeum – Beyond Rubik’s Cube
Celebrate the world’s bestselling puzzle toy with activities tailored for small Makers.

Corona Visions – Desktop 3D Filament Extruder
The Desktop 3D Filament is an affordable, reliable 3D filament extruder that will turn any ABS or PLA plastic into reusable 3D printing material..without the guess work!

The OCTA-TETRA Museum – Geometrical Models
Come and see an exhibit of fascinating geometrical sculptures/models and participate in a hands-on activity making a “Gyroscope Modular Origami Dodecahedron”

spare parts – Creative Art for Practical Reuse
“An inspiring, creative challenge to rethink art and reuse of materials commonly thought of as trash.”

onebeartoe productions – Maker-created applications
Play a 3-player game of Press Your Button, take a picture at the photobooth, or control an LED panel.

Create quilt block-style bookmarks.

Artpace – 3D Hologram Prism
Create a 3D Hologram Prism for use with smartphone or tablet.

Screaming Chickens Robotics – FRC Robotics team
Check out the robot and learn about robotics competition.

Steel Stallions Robotics – FRC and FTC Robotics team
Building the world of the future, one robot at a time.

A free software and hardware platform for high altitude, long endurance radio platforms to bring low cost internet to all of the USA.

Crochet Guild of America local chapter. Meets monthly to learn a new crochet stitch/pattern.

Re-use of older 2-way radios and cellphones.

Founded in 2012, Youth Code Jam fosters an interest in technology by introducing upper elementary through high school students to programming languages.

DIY water resistant radio coolers. See how it’s done!

SACHS Maker Club will represent the school, bringing a 3D printer and some rad buttons to show people. Learn about what’s happening in the SACHS makerspace!

SAY Sí Hive New Media Program
The HIVE New Media program at SAY Sí is a year-round, long-term program for high school students focused on the development of creative computing skills. Students in the HIVE produce 2D and 3D animation, video games, digital art and interactive installations.

Blinkdom – r26D
I am a pixel wall. I speak UDP, TCP/IP, SSH, HTTP, Java, NodeJS, E1.31, OSC, WS2801, BML, TTF, GIF, JPG, PNG, and PDE. I translate 24-bit color at 30 frames per second to 1200 RGB LED pixels. I am a Threepio of pixels. I am here to help you think.

Try Cubetto, an open-source robot that helps kids learn to code!

Try interactive STEAM activities from openED SA, a project put together by individuals from the Convergent Media Collective and 10Bitworks, among others.

Check out a variety of projects from San Antonio’s premiere coworking makerspace – from a photo booth to 3D printing, there’s sure to be something to spark your imagination.

The AM Project: An Arts & Electronic Music Non-Profit
Providing an experience for young people to express creativity, gain confidence and passion, and view the world in a different way.

Drip irrigation demonstration.

Supporting community through fandom.

 Commercial Makers
feto soap
Jarbi Craft