Maker Spotlight: Make San Antonio

Make_San_Antonio_earringsWho are you, and what do you make?
We are Make San Antonio, and we make unique custom designed and tailored pieces in a variety of mediums. We’ve created an online hub that we are transitioning into a DIY and handmade maker resource for San Antonio and surrounding areas. We are also planning to host seasonal workshops for all ages, where participants can become better makers, make friends and learn a new skill along the way.

How did you get started making the thing that you make?
Make San Antonio kicked things off a little over a year ago, and we’ve been busy hosting and participating in local events (such as Artpace’s Family Fun Day, Make San Antonio’s Makevember and the Wilson County Mini Maker Faire).


What is your favorite part about making the thing that you make?
We are extremely passionate about the process of bringing ideas to life. We believe everyone is a maker at heart and if we can assist in the transition to becoming a better maker we think San Antonio if not the world would become a better place. We know the next Tesla is out there somewhere.

What is the most difficult part about making the thing that you make?
Choosing what to make! Usually, our minds run wild and we have lists upon lists filled with wonderful ideas of what to make next. Currently, we’re obsessing over custom jewelry and we’re using our Epilog laser cutter to create amazing unique acrylic pieces.

What is the best piece of advice you have for someone who is interested in learning how to make the thing that you make?
Since we specialize in multiple areas in the makersphere, our advice is to keep at it. Whether it’s learning how to 3D print, tackling sewing or working on a big project. Keep at it! Everyone starts as a novice when taking on a new hobby. It’s a fun learning experience where our creations are only limited by our imagination. Try, and try again. In no time, you’ll figure things out or even better yet, learn how not to do something a hundred different ways and be able to teach others from your experience. It doesn’t get any better than that!

Why should people come to the San Antonio Mini Maker Faire?
We think this is a great opportunity for others outside the maker community, who may be curious about the maker lifestyle, to see what we’re all about. Makers are all around us, and this will show community members what this city has to offer.

Make San Antonio is a creative hub for makers of all ages. We’re based in San Antonio, Texas and have a goal to foster innovation and collaboration. We look forward to hosting classes for locals, and collaborating with makers. For more information, visit  Makevember

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