Maker Spotlight: 10BitWorks

Who are you, and what do you make?10bitworks-hacker-maker-space-san-antonio-store-front-1024x576

10BitWorks is a non-profit, membership-supported project coworking space and learning center concept known as a hackerspace or maker space. 10BitWorks is located in San Antonio, Texas as a garage-lab environment where hobbyists get together to make their own creations whether practical, experimental, or just for fun. Those hobbyists mentor each other and others in the domains of engineering, science, design, and art.
How did you get started making the thing that you make?

10BitWorks was organized to help support, sponsor, and execute training and education. To complement this effort, 10BitWorks maintains a collaborative workspace for various engineering, science, art, and trade-craft disciplines and as a location to hold training, education, and community building events.
What is your favorite part about making the thing that you make?

Seeing the spark in someone’s eyes as they learn something new. Whether it’s a kid learning how to use a CAD program to design and create something on a 3-D printer, or  grown professional trying something different, the satisfaction of sharing, teaching, and learning is what motivates everyone at 10bitworks hackerspace.
What is the most difficult part about making the thing that you make?

Time & money. As an all volunteer organization it’s a challenge to do what we do with very limited resources.

What is the best piece of advice you have for someone who is interested in learning how to make the thing that you make?

“Come and Make It!” . That’s our slogan. Stop sitting on the couch wondering if you can do something; get up and give it a try. Come to 10bitworks open house any Saturday and see what we do, what YOU can do. You will find friendly faces, ready willing and able to help you learn something new.
Why should people come to the San Antonio Mini Maker Faire?

Because you can’t see the elephant if you don’t go to the circus!

Interested in 10BitWorks? Here’s a look at what some of the members are working on for the Faire:

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