Call for Volunteers

The Faire is fast approaching, and we still need some volunteers. All volunteering will happen on the day of the Faire, October 17. Here’s an idea of what we need:

Setup/Breakdown – From 8-10 am, our Makers will need help getting their equipment from their vehicles to their booths and setting up their booths. From 4-6 pm, they will need help breaking down their booths and transporting equipment back to vehicles.

Registration/Checkin (multiple shifts) – From 11-4, friendly volunteers will take tickets from attendees and assist those who do not have tickets to register. These volunteers will be attendees first Faire face, so they may do a bit of explaining what the Faire is and directional assistance.

Runners (multiple shifts) – From 12-4, runners will check on Makers, provide breaks and other assistance as needed, and pass along communication between Makers and Faire organizers. These volunteers may also be called upon to assist with directions for Faire attendees.

Workshop Help (multiple shifts) – Three hour-long workshops will take place during the Faire. Two volunteers are needed to help with a marbling workshop, and one will be needed to help at the DoSeum’s spy workshop.

Photo/Video (multiple shifts) – These volunteers will travel throughout the Faire from 11-4, documenting the day with photographs and video footage. They may also conduct interviews with Makers and attendees. We are hoping to mobilize a teen documentary force at this event and edit the material into cohesive A/V showcase of the first annual San Antonio Mini Maker Faire.


2 responses to “Call for Volunteers

  1. It was a great event and cannot wait to next year. Who was the lady who had the table for amigurumi (crocheted objects)? I am looking for her etsy site to make an order.


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